Workshop Testimonials

"I really believe that every Juilliard music student should be required to study Beethoven with Professor Axinn."

"Ms. Axinn has a unique understanding of the style and the technical approach to the instrument which enables her to really communicate the linguistic and gestural style characteristic of the music of this period."

"[Ms. Axinn's] insights into style, technique, scholarship, and musicality at the fortepiano are both in depth and creative."

"Audrey Axinn was an incredible guide for introducing very specific techniques to increase use of color, texture, and gestural techniques which are overlooked in mainstream modern practice."

"Working with Audrey Axinn has been one of the biggest highlights of my time here at Juilliard and has contributed a vast amount to my development as an intelligent and creative musician."

"Axinn was a fantastic guide and teacher, and I received from her a clear understanding of the Classical style, language, and technique, made tangible and concrete in learning how to play the fortepiano."

"Studying with Audrey Axinn has absolutely transformed my approach to this style of music."

Upcoming Events

Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 7:00pm
American Classical Orchestra chamber music concert
The River Club, 442 E 52nd street, New York City
Linda Quan and Judson Griffin, violins
David Miller, viola
Myron Lutzke, cello
Nina Stern, clarinet
Audrey Axinn, fortepiano

October 5-9, 2015
Master classes and workshops in collaborative piano and fortepiano at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music

October 30 or November 2, 2015
Master class in collaborative piano at Lawrence University, Appleton Wisconsin

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